“Our brand is a swimwear fashion brand which focuses on craftsmanship and exclusive items. We dress the swimwear fashion of glamour and feminity.”

Como un pez en el agua is a swimwear fashion brand which focuses on craftmanship and exclusive items. Right from the begining its creators had a special mark in mind and have sought comfort and exclusivity in every piece ans at the same time giving their clients the assurance that the bikini they are wearing is made with love and above all does not come from assembly-line production; it is a one of kind item. One of the brand’s distinguishing characteristics aret he types of fabrics they use. Instead of synthetic and elastic fabrics you will fins in traditional swimwear, they make use of cotton and silk giving their bathing suits a very different style without compromising comfort and well-being.

Como un pez en el agua was born in 2010 by the hand of Raquel Pérez and Sandra Puig and launches its first swimsuit collection in summer of 2011. Both share their passion for fashion, Raquel in design and pattern and Sandra in communication and image development, creating a team that encompasses all aspects necessary for the development of a brand.